Family Home Defense Plans




Our Family Home Defense Plans class is a great start to preparing your family for a home invasion emergency. In this three hour class, you’ll receive introductory training in to what you need to do to prepare for – or prevent – a home invasion, and what every member of your family needs to do in the event that it does happen, as well as to prepare for other emergencies that might happen in your home (such as fires or other natural disasters). One price is for your whole family to attend the training!

We ask that you come to this interactive class prepared with a floor plan of your home. If you don’t have one already, a great resource is FloorPlanner.com, an easy-to-use online floor planning tool, or you can just draw one on paper if you prefer. It doesn’t need to be precise, but accurate enough that our team can help you to create a customized emergency plan during the class.

Please note that this class does not include any live- or dry-fire shooting drills or range time.


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Venue: FUSE Workspace, 14425 Falcon Head Blvd, Building E, Austin TX 78738

Email: info@saferfamiliesfa.com