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Gift Cards are a great way to give important training to those you care about! Purchase one of our gift cards in any amount, and it can be applied to the purchase of any of our classes or private trainings! We offer gift cards at prices that correspond to all of our classes and prices. Purchase whichever one fits the class you want to buy your loved ones!

Classes are priced as follows:

  • Most standard classes including LTC classes: $99 (make class a PLUS class with an extra hour on the range: $129)
  • LTC Qualifications Only: $65
  • Home Defense Classes (do not include range time): $79 for individual, $249 for Family Class
  • Family Introduction to Firearms and Emergency Planning: $249 per person
  • Private Range Time with Instructor: $99 per hour
  • Firearm Rental + Ammunition for any class: $50


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