Texas License to Carry a Handgun Course (Range Qualification ONLY)


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This course is a Shooting Proficiency Qualification for the Texas License to Carry a Handgun. Please be sure to note that this is NOT the classroom portion, and you will need to complete your classroom or online portion separately from this class. You may register for this course to fulfill your Shooting Qualification for any registered Texas License to Carry a Handgun online course, even if you did not take it with us!

If you have signed up for one of our License to Carry classes with the “Different Day Qualification” format, you can sign up for a qualification using the code “QUALIFY” so you will not be charged for your qualification signup.

You will be required to shoot 50 rounds of ammunition of a caliber of your choice to pass this qualification. We will NOT be providing this ammunition or firearm. If you need rentals or to purchase ammunition, please be sure to contact us in advance of the class to arrange this.


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Venue: FUSE Workspace - 14425 Falcon Head Blvd, Building E, Austin TX 78738