Top 5 reasons to get your Texas License to Carry

Texas is a great state to obtain your License to Carry a Handgun. Join us for one of our fun and informative classes!


A License to Carry says a lot about you.

In the State of Texas, a License to Carry says a lot about you. You do not have a criminal record. You pay your child support. You pay your taxes. You have not been convicted of any major crimes.

Whether interacting with Law Enforcement, or moving through daily life, having a Texas License to Carry shows that you’re a responsible citizen who respects the law, as well as their rights as an American.


Safety for yourself. Safety for your family.

You may not be the biggest. Or the strongest. Or the fastest. But when you focus on training with a lawfully carried handgun, you instantly level the playing field against any dangerous threat to the life or safety of yourself, or your family.



Even if you trust in and support the police departments and other first responders of your community, the unsettling fact is that there isn’t a first responder in the world that can come to your defense as quickly as you can yourself. By obtaining a License to Carry, you can ensure that you always have the tools at your disposal to quickly and effectively defend yourself in any situation.


Create convenience.

Shooting is more than a way to protect yourself; it’s a lifelong hobby! In the United States, every firearm purchase must be accompanied by a NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) check. This check can take up to several days to process, every time you purchase a new firearm. However, your Texas License to Carry is a valid replacement for these checks, allowing you to bypass the lengthy check process every time you pick up a new gun from your favorite local shop!


Freedom to Move.

“Reciprocity” is the term used to refer to the agreements between States about wether or not a handgun license from one state is valid in another. In addition to having Licenses to Carry for Residents, many states (including Texas) offer Non-Resident licenses, allowing citizens from other states to lawfully carry inside their borders. Some state’s Licenses to Carry are “stronger” than others, meaning they have more reciprocity agreements.

Texas’ License to Carry is one of the strongest in the country, allowing you to lawfully carry a handgun in 37 states (as long as you remain in compliance with those state’s individual gun laws).

Ready to get your Texas License to Carry?